Dr. Robert Ellis-Geiger composed original score for "Havana Divas"


Dr. Robert Ellis-Geiger, Senior Lecturer of the Academy of Film of the School of Communication, composed the original score for a feature documentary “Havana Divas”. The documentary had its international premiere at CAAMFest San Francisco, and is currently showing at Broadway cinemas in Hong Kong.

Robert shared his experience of creating original scores for this work during post-screening talks. Many audiences expressed their love of the music created for the documentary. Robert is an Australian musician with a good knowledge of a wide range of music styles and many instruments. The soundtrack in the film blends in Cantonese Opera singing with Latin music to create a unique listening experience.

“Havana Divas” is a story of two divas who never gave up their dream to be on stage, the documentary narrates the chronicles of Cantonese opera singers, Caridad Amaran and Georgina Wong.

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Havana Divas (2018)
Robert shared his experience during post-screening talks.