Centre for Film and Moving Image Research

The Centre for Film and Moving Image Research promotes research into film, the moving image, and also digital humanities. The centre seeks to advance research into the field through organizing talks, workshops and conferences, providing funding for research activities; and also through co-operating with the other research centres within the School of Communication. The centre also intends to establish a journal in the near future. 



Date Topic Speaker
16 Jun 2017

Child and Nation in the Context of World Cinema

26 May 2017 Gender, Body and Creativity:
Art and Filmmaking Workshop in Hong Kong and Africa
(a Faculty Forum jointly organized with CMCR, HKBU)
Mr. Kit Hung
7 Apr 2017 Lifeworld Series & The Phenomenalist-Realist Film Mr. Joni Gutierrez
13 Mar 2017 The Independent Chinese Film Movement Dr. Judith Pernin
17 Oct 2016 Special Collections: Behind The Scenes Mr. Warren Sherk