Prof. Peggy Chiao - “Peggy Chiao: Twenty Years' Experience in Film Producing and Crossing Boundaries”

Master Class


Peggy Chiao is known as a VIP in “Taiwan New Cinema”. She is well known for her multiple identities as a film scholar and critic, the chief organizer of the influential Golden Horse Film Festival, and a well-received international film producer. In this master class, she is going to share her history and motivation in taking the role of a film producer, and how this journey has evolved along with the drastic changes in Chinese cinema industries. The process is full of challenges and frustrations, as she will describe, and at the same time, she has seen opportunities of all kinds. The trajectory of her film producing career reflects the ways she has crossed boundaries, from the recent development of Chinese films, to Indie Art Films and also to Corporate Genre movies.



Speaker: Prof. Peggy Chiao

  • The “Godmother of the New Taiwanese Cinema” who involved in the production of numerous movies that won countless awards.
  • Advocator of the “New Taiwanese Cinema” movement in the 1980s and 1990s

Dr. Peggy Chiao is a renowned filmmaker, producer, educator and writer, who is also well recognized internationally as the “Godmother of the New Taiwanese Cinema”. Her prolific works include more than 80 books, while she also involved in the production of numerous movies that won countless awards, including “Beijing Bicycle”, “Blue Gate Crossing”, “Hear Me”, “Drifters”, “Green Hat”, “Betelnut Beauty”, “HHH: Portrait of Hou-Hsiao-Hsien”, “Buddha Mountain”, “Love of May”, “The Drummer”, etc. Apart from the achievements in film productions, Dr. Chiao also dedicated herself in promoting talented directors to the international stage, such as Hsiao-hsien Hou, Edward Yang, Ang Lee, Xiao-shuai Wang and Ming-Liang Tsai. Locally, she successfully advocated for the “New Taiwanese Cinema” movement in the 1980s and 1990s, by introducing and arousing discussion on the new Taiwanese films and the fifth generation Chinese cinema. During her tenure as chairman of the Golden Horse Awards, she strived for various improvements such as refining the adjudication system, creating a collaboration platform for production as well as introducing FIPRESCI and NETPAC to the Award. Her constructive reformations have fostered the award to meet international standards with greater credibility and competitiveness.