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Centre for Film and Moving Image Research

The Centre for Film and Moving Image Research promotes research into film, the moving image, and also digital humanities. The centre seeks to advance research into the field through organizing talks, workshops and conferences, providing funding for research activities; and also through co-operating with the other research centres within the School of Communication. The centre also intends to establish a journal in the near future. 



Date Topic Speaker
  FMIR Newsletter 4  
​12 May 2022

A Series of Talks to celebrate the launch of "Global Storytelling: Journal of Digital and Moving Images" -

Book Talk – Utopian Fuins: A Memorial Museum of the Mao Era,

Book Talk

Professor Jie Li
1 April 2022

A Series of Talks to celebrate the launch of "Global Storytelling: Journal of Digital and Moving Images" -

Back to the Future: Exploring Artificial Intelligences Creative Potential Through Film Historiography

Talk details

Dr. Marina Hassapopoulou
10 March 2022

A Series of Talks to celebrate the launch of "Global Storytelling: Journal of Digital and Moving Images" -

Key Concepts for Investigating Streaming Video

Talk details

Professor Amanda D. Lotz
3 March 2022

A Series of Talks to celebrate the launch of "Global Storytelling: Journal of Digital and Moving Images" -

Book Talk – Dreams of Flight: The Great Escape in American Film and Culture

Book Talk details

Professor Dana Polan
29 Oct 2021 Book Talk: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow: Hong Kong Cinema with Sino-links in Politics, Art, and Tradition (Hong Kong: Chunghwa Bookstore, 2021) Dr. Kenny K.K. Ng
29 Oct 2021 Book Talk Details Dr. Kenny K.K. Ng
15 Oct 2021 Master Class: Streaming Upstream: 7 Fragments on "Specialized" Storytelling in the Current Digital Landscape Professor James Schamus
15 Oct 2021 Master Class details Professor James Schamus
  FMIR Newsletter 3  
17 Jun 2021 Book Talk: Reorienting Chinese Stars in Global Polyphonic Networks Voice, Ethnicity, Power

Dr. Dorothy Wai Sim Lau

25 May 2021 

Work about work: Digital storytelling and digital labor

Dr. Michael Mandiberg

17-18 May 2021  Narrating New Normal – Graduate Student Symposium

Keynote Speaker: Prof. Michal Krzyzanowski, Chair in Media and Communication Studies, Uppsala University, Sweden

15 Apr 2021 

More Than Just Superhero Stories, The Rise of the Hybrid Publisher Studio

Dr. Alisa Perren
1 Apr 2021 

Film Noir as a Moving Target: Its Constantly-evolving Storytelling Practices

Prof. William Luhr

9 Mar 2021

Platform Capitalism and the Future of Television Streaming

Prof. Ellen Seiter
25 Jan 2021  Screening of “Those 4 Years” Q & A with the film director Dr. Joe Thomas Karackattu

Dr. Joe Thomas

25 Nov 2020

Negative Exposures: Knowing What Not to Know in Contemporary China Dr. Margaret Hillenbrand
  FMIR Newsletter 2  
28-30 Jan 2020

Global Storytelling Symposium

Martha Bayles, J.D. Conner, Lisa Dombrowski, Peter Hitchcock, Susan Jakes, Alexandra Juhasz, Liang Limin, Gina Marchetti, Sean O’Sullivan, Reece Peck, Richard Pena, Carl Plantinga, Stanley, Rosen, Paola Voci, Michael Walsh, Louisa Wei.

5 Nov 2019 “The Primary Sources of the “Magic” of Art” Eisenstein and East Asian Art

Prof. Helen Grace

Moderator: Dr. Lo Wai Luk

30 Oct 2019 The Politics of Sino-Hollywood Negotiation: Trump’s Trade War, Presidential Elections and Hong Kong

Prof. Ying Zhu

11 Oct 2019 The First Golden Age of Hong Kong Cinema: Integrating East and Weat, Old and New, North and South

Mr. Sam Ho

26 Sep 2019 Singing, Not in vain…/ Making Meaning Through Song & Dance in Bollywood

Prof. Arun Gupta

Moderator: Dr. Kenny Ng

24 Sep 2019 “Watch Great Movies!” “Dangal” (2016)

Prof. Arun Gupta

Moderator: Prof. Ying Zhu

24 Sep 2019 Saare Jahan Se Achha… (Better than Rest Of The World…)/ Constructing Ideas of Nation and Identity in Bollywood

Prof. Arun Gupta

Moderator: Dr. Dorothy Lau

  FMIR Newsletter 1  
3 May 2019

Teaching About Asia Through Film : Using Visual Media to "Meet Students Where They Are"

Dr. Gordon Gray

17 Apr 2019

Methodologies and Approaches to the Study of Fandom: My Research Journey

Prof. Anthony Fung

12 Feb 2019

Master Class: The Tectonics of Humanity Documentary Film Retrospective Discussion

Christian Frei

25 Jan 2019

Book Talk: "Chinese Stardom in Participatory Cyberculture"

Dr. Dorothy Lau

13 Dec 2018

Mo Yan and His Literature Hometown

Prof. Zhang Tongdao

5 Dec 2018

Special Screening of "Female Directors 2012"

Director: Yang Ming Ming

Actress: Luna Kwok

6 Nov 2018

From "Fifty-Five Days at Peking" to "Morning Sun" A Scholar of Modern Chinese History's Reflections on Film

Prof. Jeff Wasserstrom

19 Oct 2018

Transforming the Liminal Hero: Border-Crossing Interconnections in the Taking of the Tiger Mountain (2014) and its Textual Pedigree

Prof. Wang Zhuoyi

27 Jun 2018

Documentary Film: Regional Theoretical & Political Parameters -Day 3

(Private Screening of "Island" – Directed by Dr. Steven Eastwood)

Panel 1:
Prof. Ian Aitken (Chair),
Prof. Tim Barnard, Prof. Peter Bloom, Dr. Annamaria Motrescu-Mayes, Dr. Sandeep Ray, Dr. Tom Rice

Panel 2:
Dr. Dorothy Lau (Chair),
Dr. Jenny Chamarette, Dr. Tiago de Luca, Dr. Cecilia Mello, Dr. Richard Rushton

26 Jun 2018

Documentary Film: Regional Theoretical & Political Parameters - Day 2

(Free Screening of "Vanished Archives" - Directed by Ms. Lo Yan Wai Connie)

Panel 1:
Dr. Kenny Ng (Chair), Dr. Chao Shi Yan, Dr. Gao Qian, Dr. Xu Yaping Apple, Dr. Jessica Yeung, Dr. Zhang Zhen

Panel 2:
Dr. Chao Shi Yan (Chair), Dr. Evans Chan, Ms. Bonnie Chiu, Prof. Gina Marchetti, Dr. Judith Pernin, Prof. Carlos Rojas

25 Jun 2018

Documentary Film: Regional Theoretical & Political Parameters - Day 1

(Free Screening of "Raise the Umbrellas" - Directed by Dr. Evans Chan)

Panel 1:
Dr. LO Wai Luk (Chair),Ms. Angelina Chen,Ms. Tammy Cheung, Ms. Lo Yan Wai Connie, Dr. Kenny Ng, Dr. Winnie Yee

Panel 2:
Dr. Choi Jung Bong (Chair), Dr. P. Kerim Friedman, Dr. Kim Jihoon, Dr. Ma Ran, Prof. Markus Nornes, Prof. Akiyama Tamako

30 May 2018

Screening of "Anthropocene" (directed by Mr. Steve Bradshaw)
A screening of the conference
"The Anthropocene and Beyond – Towards a Shared Narrativity in Interdisciplinary Research"
by Hong Kong Shue Yan University (sponsored by the Academy of Film, HKBU)

13 Apr 2018

"What is it like to work in Hollywood?": Making of Consensus Reality (Do It Yourself!)

Mr. Steve Peterson
23 Mar 2018

Docu-Drama and American Cold War Propaganda in the Philippines

Dr. José B. Capino
22 Jan 2018

Shaw Brothers in Singapore: Filmmaking at the End of Empire

Prof. Timothy P. Barnard
1 Dec 2017

Conversation with Michel Hazanavicius

Mr. Michel Hazanavicius
17 Nov 2017

Free Enterprise on Film:
Aims of Industry, Economic Propaganda & the Development of a Neoliberal Cinema

Dr. Scott Anthony
16 Jun 2017

Child and Nation in the Context of World Cinema

Prof. Karen A Joe Laidler (Chair),
Prof. Kara Chan, Prof. Stephanie Hemelryk Donald, Prof. Gina Marchetti, Miss Wenna Zeng

26 May 2017 Gender, Body and Creativity:
Art and Filmmaking Workshop in Hong Kong and Africa
(a Faculty Forum jointly organized with CMCR, HKBU)
Mr. Kit Hung
7 Apr 2017 Lifeworld Series & The Phenomenalist-Realist Film Mr. Joni Gutierrez
13 Mar 2017 The Independent Chinese Film Movement Dr. Judith Pernin
17 Oct 2016 Special Collections: Behind The Scenes Mr. Warren Sherk