Postgraduate Supervisors List

Principal Supervisors

Prof. Ellen Elizabeth SEITER (Chair Professor) (CV)

Research Interest:

film and television history, platform studies, German media, culture, history, anime, ethnography, qualitative methods, feminist theory and criticism, cognitive neuroscience, stereotyping, audience studies, copyright and intellectual property

Prof ZHU Ying (Professor)(CV)

Research Interest:

Serial Narrative and Streaming Plat

form / Comparative Media System and Studio Histories / East Asian Cinema / Affects and Effects of Social Media / Popular and Youth Culture

Dr. NG Kwok Kwan, Kenny (Associate Professor) (CV)

Research Interest:

Film Censorship / Historical Imagination and Cultural Geography / Transnational Cinema and Visual Culture / Comparative Literary and Visual Studies / Urban Culture and Representation / Cultural Memory and Heritage / Critical Theory and Aesthetics / Screen Adaptation / Sinophone and Chinese-language cinema / Music and Film / Hong Kong cinema

Dr. Dorothy LAU (Assistant Professor)(CV)

Research Interest:

stardom, fandom, celebrity, digital culture, screen culture, transnational cinema, Chinese-Language cinema, Asian cinema, kung-fu cinema, film theory


Dr. Jason G. COE (Assistant Professor)(CV)

Research Interest:

Dr. Coe is available to co-supervise research postgraduate projects in film studies, media studies, and cultural studies. He is excited to work with open, diligent, and intellectually curious post-graduate students. He wants to learn more about how audio-visual storytelling and cultural politics influence each other.

Dr. CHEN Chih-Ting, Timmy (Research Assistant Professor)(CV)

Research Interest:

Chinese-language Cinemas / Asian Cinema / Film Music / Sound Design / Sound Studies / Song-and-Dance Film

Dr. LAI Tsz Yuen (Research Assistant Professor)(CV)

Research Interest:

Transcendental Materialism / Techno-humanitics / Ecology of Technical Images