Postgraduate Supervisors List

Principal Supervisors

Prof. Ellen Elizabeth SEITER (Chair Professor) (CV)

Research Interests:

film and television history, platform studies, German media, culture, history, anime, ethnography, qualitative methods, feminist theory and criticism, cognitive neuroscience, stereotyping, audience studies, copyright and intellectual property

Prof ZHU Ying (Professor)(CV)

Research Interests:

TV and Web Drama and Online Platforms; East Asia Film and Television; Hollywood Film; Global Media Industries; Popular Culture and Digital Media, Gender and Sexuality

Dr. NG Kwok Kwan, Kenny (Associate Professor) (CV)

Research Interestsa;

Adaptation, literary and transmedia studies

Censorship, repression and creativity

Critical theory and aesthetics

Cultural memory, preservation and heritage

Hong Kong television, radio and film

Sinophone cinema and popular culture

Transnational cinema and visual culture 

Urban culture and cultural geography

Dr. Dorothy LAU (Associate Professor)(CV)

Research Interests:

Star studies, fan studies, celebrity culture, celebrity philanthropy, digital culture, screen culture, Hong Kong cinema, East Asian cinema, auteurs


Dr. ZENG Hong(CV)

Research Interests:

creative industries, gender and visual culture, Sinophone Cinema, contemporary art in Hong Kong and China, digital media, museum studies, nationalism and visual culture