UG Media Arts Students ​won Best Animated Feature at 24 Frames Creative Media Festival


UG Media Arts Year 4 students, Tan Yuehan, Jiang Dingyuan, Zheng wanxue and Yang Yiran,  won the Best Animated Feature award at 5th 24 Frames Creative Media Festival with their animated work "Bear Me in Mind". 

"Bear me in Mind" is a 2D animated short film supported by Creativity and Innovation Funding of Film Academy, directed by TAN Yuehan with members Jiang Dingyuan, Zheng wanxue and Yang Yiran. This short story tells the story of ordinary girl's adventure happened in the night. 

"24 Frames Creative Media Festival" is a creative media festival among south eastern China, Hong Kong and Macau district held by UIC. It established a platform for universities, media and industry to communicate and cooperate.