AF Film Festival Tours 2018: Far East Film Festival, Udine


Leading a group of 9 students, the Academy of Film paid a visit to The Far East Film Festival in Udine of Italy between 21st and 27th April, 2018, to experience the craving for Asian cinema of European audiences. Launched in 1998, the Festival celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, and has grown to become the biggest showcase of genre and mainstream Asian cinema in Europe.

The Festival offered a wide range of programmes. Apart from screening numerous commercial feature films, prestigious directors and actors from the Asian film industry – Director JANG Joon-hwan and Director RYOO Seung-wan from Korea, Director Derek CHIU Sung Kee from Hong Kong - were invited to have face to face conversation with audiences. Two workshops for industry practitioners were specially opened to AF students, which provided them with a brief taste of what it was like to participate in industry events. On the very last night before departure, students were invited to dinner by the Hong Kong renowned director, Dr Johnnie TO, who was invited as a special guest of the Film Festival. A number of film professionals from Hong Kong also attended, where students had valuable exchanges with them.