Higher Diploma in Creative Film Production (2-year full time) aims to provide young people with an opportunity to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge systematically for entering the film, TV or creative media industries. It offers with five specializations, including:

  1. Directing
  2. Script Writing 
  3. Acting Techniques
  4. Cinematography and Lighting
  5. Editing and Sound Mixing

  Programme Features

  1. Whole-Person Education: The programme aims for both "Whole-Person Education" and professional film production training, in order to nurture young people's creativity, aesthetics, and cultural literacy. Our first year curriculum particularly reflects this essence
  2. Professional Teaching unit: The programme is served by experienced full-time lecturers, guest lecturers and technicians. They are industry expert in creative writing, photography, cinematography, film and video directing and editing, audio production, sound design, digital media, film theory, criticism and history, television studies or drama
  3. Industry and Career Network: An optional internship is offered to students to strengthen their working experience and competitiveness
  4. Progression Path: Graduates could be articulated to bachelor degree of Hong Kong Baptist University, degree of other local institutions

  Qualities of our graduates

  1. Specialized with film production knowledge and techniques
  2. Being highly sensitive to latest trend and development of both local and overseas industries
  3. A creative mind and professional attitude
  4. Competent in interpersonal communication, management, language proficiency, and cultural awareness so that the graduates are able to pursue a leadership position or further their qualification

  Objectives and learning outcomes

Specialization Objectives and Learning outcomes
Directing To equip students with abilities of organizing any production process and visualize any creative idea related to film media. Graduates of the directing option may either become independent filmmakers or enter the industry for production related jobs
Script Writing To equip the students with abilities to develop a story idea, conduct research and compose a full script. Graduates of the script writing option may enter the film industry as scriptwriters or participate in a vast spectrum of jobs related to copy writings, creative research and story telling
Acting Techniques To provide acting training comprising theory and solid acting skills (acting workshops, voice & speech, movement and acting in front of the camera, etc). Graduates of the course may enter the industry and participate in acting-related professions
Cinematography and Lighting To equip students with techniques of cinematography and lighting, an ability of realizing any creative idea and tackling ongoing technical challenges. Graduates of the course may involve in film production and enter the industry and participate in the respective professions
Editing and Sound Mixing To equip students with techniques of film editing and sound mixing, an ability of realizing any creative idea and tackling ongoing technical challenges. Graduates of the course may handle any small-scale post-production projects independently and enter the industry for a vast spectrum of jobs in the post-production process

  General Information

Venue of Teaching Kowloon Tong Campus of Hong Kong Baptist University
Tuition Fee HKD 57,000 per annum
Application Period 2 Dec 2016 - 23 Aug 2017


(852) 3411 2884 / 3411 8108/ 3411 7495
(852) 3411 8114
Room ACC207, 2/F, Jockey Club Academic Community Centre, Hong Kong Baptist University, 9 Baptist University Road, Kowloon Tong, HONG KONG

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