Curriculum Structure
Film and TV concentration - Professional Option

Programme in the 4-year curriculum requires 128 units for graduation, which is distributed into five key components: School Core Courses, Major Required Courses, Major Elective Courses, General Education and Free Electives as follows:

Professional option Units
School Core Courses 12
Major Required Courses 58
Major Elective Courses 12
General Education Courses 31
Free Electives 15
Total 128



  Course List for Professional Option

School Core Courses 12 units
COMM1015        Introduction to Media and Communication 3 units
COMM1016        Ethics, Law and Communication 3 units
COMM1017        Multimedia Storytelling 3 units
Choose one from the following three courses:  
COMM2017        Visual Communication 3 units
COMM2026        Nonverbal Communication 3 units
COMM2027        AI and Digital Communication 3 units
Major Core Courses 7 units
FILM2006        Introduction to Production 3 units
FILM2008-9    Practicum I 0 unit
FILM3008-9    Practicum II 0 unit
FILM3125         Honours Project Preparation Workshop 1 unit
FILM4047        Film Theory and Criticism 3 units
Film and Television Required Courses 51 units
FILM2005        History of Cinema 3 units
FILM2065        Cinematography 3 units
FILM2066        Reading Literature 3 units
FILM2067        The Art of Script Writing 6 units
FILM3006        Film Sound 3 units
FILM3016         Non-Fiction Film 3 units
FILM3076        Screen Acting Workshop 3 units
FILM3077        The Art of Documentary Film 3 units
FILM3116         The Art of Editing 3 units
FILM4035        Production Management 3 units
FILM4065        Art Direction 3 units
FILM4086        Film Directing 6 units
FILM4087        Post-Production Workshop 3 units
Honours Project          
FILM4878-9     Honours Project in Film and Television 6 units
Major Elective Courses 12 units
FILM2007        Principles of Photo-imaging 3 units
FILM2035        Fundamentals of Computer Graphics 3 units
FILM2037        Fundamentals of Media Arts 3 units
FILM2045        Art History 3 units
FILM2047        Storytelling 3 units
FILM2057        Visual Expression 3 units
FILM3025        Digital Aesthetics and Practices 3 units
FILM3027        Television Studio Production 3 units
FILM3035        Chinese-language Cinema 3 units
FILM3045        Creative Arts and Visual Strategy 3 units
FILM3047        Hollywood Cinema 3 units
FILM3066        Television Programming and Concepts 3 units
FILM3067        Creative Media Management 3 units
FILM3085        Film Music and Sound Design 3 units
FILM3086        Independent Cinema 3 units
FILM3087        Understanding Animation 3 units
FILM3097        Hong Kong Cinema 3 units
FILM3105        Alternative Animation 3 units
FILM3106        Sound Design for Animation 3 units
FILM3107        Interactive Graphics 3 units
FILM3115         Virtual World: Design and Interaction 3 units
FILM3117         Documentary Production 3 units
FILM4007       Advanced Script Writing 3 units
FILM4016        Internship 0 units
FILM4017        Motion Graphic Design 3 units
FILM4026        East Asian Cinemas: History and Current Issues 3 units
FILM4027        Special Topics in Film 3 units
FILM4046        Advanced Cinematography 3 units
FILM4056        Character Design and Storyboarding 3 units
FILM4066        Visual Effects Workshop 3 units
FILM4075        Facial Animation 3 units
FILM4076        Character Animation 3 units
FILM4077        Creative Production in Extended Reality 3 units
FILM4085        Screen Adaptation 3 units
General Education 31 units
Free Electives 15 units
Graduation Requirement for Film Major 128 units