Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons) in Acting for Global Screen

 Curriculum Structure
Acting for Global Screen

Programme in the 4-year curriculum requires 128 units for graduation, which is distributed into five key components: School Core Courses, Major Required Courses, Major Elective Courses, General Education and Free Electives as follows:

Major Required Courses 55
Major Elective Courses 30
General Education Courses 31
Free Electives 12
Total 128


  Course List

Major Core Courses 49 units
FAGS1005        Introduction to Performing Arts 3 units
FAGS1006        Fundamentals of Acting  3 units
FAGS1007        Voice and Speech I 3 units
FAGS1015         Movement I 3 units
FAGS1016         Fundamentals of Directing 3 units
FAGS2005        Voice and Speech II 3 units
FAGS2006        Movement II 3 units
FAGS2007        Acting and Directing 3 units
FAGS2015         Script Analysis and Acting 3 units
FAGS2016         Acting on Stage  3 units
FAGS2017         Acting on Screen and with Technology 3 units
FAGS3005        Body, Society and Cultures 3 units
FAGS3006        Acting Workshop 3 units
FAGS3007        Acting Internship 3 units
FAGS3015         Individual Enhancement Workshop 1 unit
FAGS4005        Casting for Stage, Film and Media 3 units
FILM2005        History of Cinema 3 units
Honours Project 6 units
FAGS4898        Honours Project 3 units
FAGS4899        Honours Project 3 units
Major Elective Courses 30 units
FAGS2025        Dance for Actors 3 units
FAGS2026        Special Topic in Screen Performance   3 units
FAGS2027        Special Topic in Stage Acting 3 units
FAGS2035        World Theatre  3 units
FAGS3016        Comparative Studies in Acting 3 units
FAGS3017        Media Arts and Performance 3 units
FAGS3025        Technology, Body and Performance 3 units
FILM2065        Cinematography 3 units
FILM2066        Reading Literature 3 units
FILM3035        Chinese-language Cinema 3 units
FILM3047        Hollywood Cinema 3 units
FILM4026        East Asian Cinemas: History and Current Issues 3 units
FILM4056        Character Design and Storyboarding 3 units
FILM4065        Art Direction 3 units
FILM4075        Facial Animation 3 units
FILM4076        Character Animation 3 units
FILM4077        Creative Production in Extended Reality 3 units