Lecture & Seminar

Nordic Cinema: How Small Nations Make Big Films


Registration for Public: Tel - 2734 2900 (The Leisure and Cultural Services Department, The Government of HKSAR)

Speaker: Dr Donna Ong (Film Researcher, Programme Curator)
Moderator: Prof. Lee Daw-ming (Programme Director, Master of Fine Arts in Film, Television and Digital Media, Hong Kong Baptist University)

The Nordic region holds a special place in cinematic history as one of the earliest leaders in the global film industry and over the last century has continued to produce a host of internationally acclaimed filmmakers from Ingmar Bergman to Lars Von Trier. How did such a Nordic film legacy begin and how were these small nations able to influence international giants from Hollywood blockbusters to the French New Wave? This talk will cover the successful synergy of business and art by key pioneers in the early years that laid the foundations of a vibrant Nordic film culture that continues to inspire breakthroughs in film language and new sensational genres like Nordic Noir today.


北歐五國在世界地圖上並不特出,在電影史上卻佔有顯著地位。上世紀早期,北歐電影已經發展起來,產生了不少電影名家名片,置身領導全球影業之列。本次演講述說北歐電影傳統的起源,早期的先鋒人物怎樣結合商業和藝術而建立了豐厚又活潑生動的電影文化根基,再而探討這些小國的電影怎麼影響著國際潮流 — 從荷里活的超級製作到法國新浪潮,並且至今在電影語言和類型上仍不斷創新。