BSocSc (Hons) in Communication - Film and Media Arts Major

  School Broad-based Admission

The School of Communication adopts broad-based admission starting in 2012. The School broad-based admission will enhance students’ overall understanding of the discipline in the first year. Under the new academic system, students will study general education (GE) core courses, general electives courses and school core course in their first year of study. In the second semester of Year 1, they will opt for their Majors and be assigned to them in semester one of Year 2.

  Admission Criteria

  1. School of Communication Entrance Requirements
    For Hong Kong students taking HKDSE for admission via JUPAS, the entrance requirements are:
    English Language Level 3
    Chinese Language Level 3
    Mathematics Level 2
    Liberal Studies Level 2
    Elective Level 3 in one subject
  2. Other Entrance Requirements
    In addition to the HKDSE results, the BSocSc in Communication programme will take into consideration of the following:
    • High choice banding in JUPAS application is preferred.
    • Good results in Chinese Language and English Language are preferred.