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School of Communication 50th Anniversary: Academy of Film Reunion Dinner

School of Communication 50th Anniversary
Academy of Film Reunion Dinner 

As HKBU School of Communication entered into its 50th year in 2018, the Academy of Film (AF) under the School held its reunion dinner on 23 January to kick off a series of celebratory events that will run throughout the year. The reunion dinner gathered more than 250 faculty, students, alumni and staff as well as friends from the film industry. A number of faculty and students showcased their skills and talents in a variety of performances, creating a lively and entertaining evening for all.

The officiating guests of the AF 50th Anniversary Reunion Dinner included Chairman of the Hong Kong Film Development Council Mr Ma Fung-kwok, Chairman of the HKBU Council and the Court Mr Cheng Yan-kee, President and Vice-Chancellor Professor Roland Chin, Dean of the School of Communication Professor Huang Yu, and Director of AF Professor Eva Man.

During the dinner, alumnus Steve Chan, the director of the movie Weeds on Fire, alumnus Rachel Leung, the main female character of the movie Somewhere Beyond the Mist, and alumnus Chan Tze-woon, the director of the movie Yellowing shared their precious school memories and work experience with the audience. In addition, current students and alumni put on brilliant pipa, singing and magic performances as well as a short comedy sketch.