Programme Highlights



Guest Talks and Seminars

Guest talks and seminars are regularly organized for students to acquire course-related knowledge and catch up with the latest media development. Seasoned professionals and experts in various fields from the industry, including CEOs, directors, film producers, scriptwriters and actors are invited to give talks and share their valuable experience to students. 


Extra-curricular Activities

Extra-curricular activities such as local tours, overseas study tours, field visits and workshops are organized to broaden students’ horizons and strengthen their understanding of the developing trends in the industry by allowing them to acquire knowledge outside the classroom.


Tutorial Scheme

The tutorial scheme aims to encourage closer communication between students and teaching staff, and to facilitate the programme to collect feedback from students. Each student will be assigned to a group led by a tutor, who is also a course instructor of the programme. Students and the tutor can discuss and exchange opinions on matters came up in class, and any topics related to the film/TV/new media industry or school life.