Curriculum Structure

Film and TV concentration - Liberal Studies Option

Programme in the 4-year curriculum requires 128 units for graduation, which is distributed into four key components: Major Required Courses, Major Elective Courses, General Education and Free Electives as follows:

Liberal Studies option Units
Major Required Courses 52
Major Elective Courses 15
General Education Courses 31
Free Electives 30
Total 128




Major Required Courses 52 units
FILM2005        History of Cinema 3 units
FILM2006        Introduction to Production 3 units
FILM2008-9    Practicum I 0 unit
FILM2047        Storytelling 3 units
FILM2065        Cinematography 3 units
FILM2066        Reading Literature 3 units
FILM2067        The Art of Script Writing 6 units
FILM3008-9    Practicum II 0 unit
FILM3035        Chinese-language Cinema 3 units
FILM3077        The Art of Documentary Film 3 units
FILM3116         The Art of Editing 3 units
FILM3125         Honours Project Preparation Workshop 1 unit
FILM3127         Post Production Workshop 3 units
FILM4047        Film Theory and Criticism 3 units
FILM4055        Television and New Media 3 units
FILM4086        Film Directing 6 units
Honours Project   
FILM4878-9     Honours Project in Film and Television 6 units
Liberal Studies Option Required Elective Courses 6 units
Choose one from the following four courses:  
FILM3047        Hollywood Cinema 3 units
FILM4026        East Asian Cinemas: History and Current Isuues 3 units
FILM4037        Studies in French Cinema 3 units
Choose one from the following four courses:  
FILM3006        Film Sound 3 units
FILM3016        Non-fiction Film 3 units
FILM4007        Advanced Script Writing 3 units
FILM4046        Advanced Cinematography 3 units
Major Elective Courses 9 units
FILM1005       Transnational History of Animation 3 units
FILM1006       Fundamentals of 2D and 3D Production 3 units
FILM2007        Principles of Photo-imaging 3 units
FILM2035        Fundamentals of Computer Graphics 3 units
FILM2037        Fundamentals of Media Arts 3 units
FILM2045        Art History 3 units
FILM2057        Visual Expression 3 units
FILM2075        Film Stardom 3 units
FILM3025        Digital Aesthetics and Practices 3 units
FILM3026        Documentary Photography 3 units
FILM3027        Television Studio Production 3 units
FILM3045        Creative Arts and Visual Strategy 3 units
FILM3047        Hollywood Cinema 3 units
FILM3066        Television/Streaming Programming and Concepts 3 units
FILM3067        Creative Media Management 3 units
FILM3085        Film Music and Sound Design 3 units
FILM3086        Independent Cinema 3 units
FILM3097        Hong Kong Cinema 3 units
FILM3106        Sound Design for Animation 3 units
FILM3107        Interactive Graphics 3 units
FILM3115         Virtual World: Design and Interaction 3 units
FILM3117         Documentary Production 3 units
FILM3135        The Other Cinma: Cult, Exploitation, Experimental 3 units
FILM3136        Studies in European Cinema 3 units
FILM3145        Japanese Animation 3 units
FILM3146        Feeling Cinema: Memories and Future Storytelling 3 units
FILM3147        Entertainment 3.0: Creatuve Industries and Technology Advanced Experimental Image Processing 3 units
FILM4006       Advanced Experimental Image Processing 3 units
FILM4007       Advanced Script Writing 3 units
FILM4016        Internship 0 units
FILM4017        Motion Graphic Design 3 units
FILM4026        East Asian Cinemas: History and Current Issues 3 units
FILM4027        Special Topics in Film 3 units
FILM4046        Advanced Cinematography 3 units
FILM4056        Character Design and Storyboarding 3 units
FILM4066        Visual Effects Workshop 3 units
FILM4075        Facial Animation 3 units
FILM4076        Character Animation 3 units
FILM4077        Creative Production in Extended Reality 3 units
FILM4085        Screen Adaptation 3 units
FILM4097        Queer Media 3 units
FILM4105         Live Sound Production 3 units
FILM4106         Dolby Atmos Production 3 units
General Education 31 units
Free Electives 30 units
Graduation Requirement for Film Major 128 units